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In a world where effective infection management is crucial, Beechtree Molecular delves into the vital practice of antimicrobial stewardship.

Antimicrobial stewardship is a strategic approach employed by healthcare institutions and professionals to optimize the usage of antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents. By carefully assessing and guiding their utilization, we aim to achieve two paramount goals: enhancing patient outcomes and curbing the escalation of antimicrobial resistance.

Partnering with Arkstone, we hope to provide healthcare providers with the knowledge, tools, and best practices needed to become adept stewards of antimicrobials. Through informative resources, up-to-date guidelines, and real-world case studies, we empower professionals to make judicious decisions regarding antimicrobial treatment. By doing so, we collectively contribute to preserving the effectiveness of these essential medical interventions for current and future generations.

Join us in the mission to safeguard the effectiveness of antimicrobials, improve patient care, and combat the growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Explore our content and take a proactive step towards becoming an antimicrobial stewardship champion.

Arkstone provides healthcare professionals with the resources they need to make well-informed medical choices and combat the proliferation of antimicrobial resistance.

One Choice Report

The OneChoice® Report simplifies intricate molecular diagnostic findings into easily understandable explanations and thoroughly researched suggestions, streamlining the effectiveness of physicians. Each report includes our exclusive ArkScore™, aiding medical practitioners in making knowledgeable selections when it comes to selecting the most appropriate antibiotic.

Studies indicate that recommendations from specialized physicians are more likely to be followed compared to those from pharmacists or nurses. Therefore, our suggestions are tailored for doctors and undergo continuous evaluation by our Infectious Disease Team members to ensure their accuracy and relevance.


The ArkScore™ System merges antimicrobial expertise, sophisticated algorithms, and infectious disease insights. Through a simple numerical scale, it gauges antimicrobial resistance and suggests effective treatments, curbing unnecessary use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Assessing the extent of antimicrobial resistance exhibited by identified organisms is the purpose. Reduced scores reflect minimal resistance, allowing the preferred antibiotic to be administered with lower apprehension for negative effects. Conversely, higher scores signify elevated resistance levels, constraining antibiotic choices and heightening patient risk.

Furnishes crucial details to the prescriber concerning the suggested medication. A lower score signifies enhanced safety, efficacy, and diminished associated risks with the drug’s usage. Conversely, a higher score indicates heightened chances of adverse events and increased patient risks linked to the antibiotic.

Offers prescribers and caregivers a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges posed by the identified organisms and resistance genes while making treatment decisions.